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Improve your position on Google with the WeRankBox community

Generate real visits from the SERPs
thanks to the residential IP of members of the WeRankBox community

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Boost your CTR with real visits from the SERPs

How do you rank a website?

You work on technical optimization, semantics, and netlinking!
What would you do if you still have not achieved your goals? You increase your budget for back links! 

But your competitors can also play this game, which can often be an endless fight. So what is the best solution for you? The optimization of the CTR! The problem is that the CTR is difficult to optimize, the tools available on the market today offer you bots using proxies, but unfortunately this does not work as Google can detect it. 

This is why members of the WeRankBox community leverage their residential IPs within a CTR optimization network.

How to optimize your CTR?

To benefit from the power of the network, just plug the RankBox into your modem at home or in your office.

You can then generate real visits from the SERPs utilizing the residential IPs of members of the WeRankBox community.


But does the CTR really improve your SEO?


Yes!  Many studies have shown, in particular one study by Rand Fishkin, founder of Moz. He proved this by using the CTR optimization to generate around 250 visits from the SERPs to his website, ranking him up from 7th to 1st place on Google in less than 24 hours.

Generate real visits from the SERPs

Why join the community ?

CTR optimization

Generate visits from the SERP to improve your CTR and rank better

Real IPs

Show Google that you are receiving legitimate traffic from SERPs using our member’s residential IPs

Local SEO

Receive geo-targeted visits from SERPs thanks to RankBoxes distributed globally

Human behavior

Every behavior of the visits you will receive are unique with no patterns and fingerprints

Controlled growth

Control the amount of traffic generated to your website with a natural progression

Performance monitoring

Follow the evolution of your positions and analyze in detail the visits made by RankBoxes


How do I buy traffic ?

The traffic that you will generate to optimize your CTR is sold in the form of minutes. You can then decide how many minutes each of your generated visits will spend on your website / pages.

Up to 15000 visitors / day

Minutes per month

500 x $0.06

Monthly reduction

Monthly total

$1 459/mo


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